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Dear Neighbors,

We would like to invite you to join us in an effort to improve our environmental impact on our community through composting.  As we have become more aware of our actions on our environment, many of us have tried to make changes to reduce our carbon footprint.  We bring our own bags to the grocery store, we buy our milk in reusable glass bottles, we avoid using chemicals on our lawn and in our gardens, and we are trying to do more reusing and less throwing away. 

We were surprised to learn that on average 40% of household waste which goes to landfills is actually compostable.  Maybe like us, you assumed that these organic materials would simply “compost” in the landfill. But in fact, due to the current methods used in our landfills, this material does not “compost” and return to the soil, but rather decomposes in a way that creates more greenhouse gases.  It was this fact that pushed us to start composting in our own home. We already separated our recyclables and our returnables: what’s one more separation?

The problem that arose for us is that we did not feel particularly compelled to create and maintain a compost site in our yard. We were intimidated by the various contraptions available for composting and the endless online articles about how to keep pests away from your compost pile. Additionally, we are not avid gardeners (yet!) and have little need for large amounts of compost.  We were pleased to learn that we have a commercial compost site in our area where we could simply drop our organic waste and allow the professionals to take over. 

And that is how CNY Compost was born. If we were already taking a trip to the compost site, why not carry other household’s food scraps and garden trimmings along with our own?  The best plans are the simplest ones, and this service couldn’t get simpler: You collect your organic waste in our provided four gallon bucket, leave it on your porch on your designated pick up day, we will take your filled bucket and replace it with a clean bucket ready to refill.  Fill it up, swap it out, repeat.

We would love to share this service with you in a community wide effort to maintain our truly unique and exquisite landscape in Central New York.



Patrick and Amy MacDonald

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